orfin_photogabbyLaura Dailey joined the Orfin Team in 2016 as the marketing manager in charge of Retirement Planning Workshops and new client appointments and has been a friend and colleague of Dan Orfin’s for almost 14 years.
After spending 10 years in the insurance and financial industry, Laura spent 3 years in Shanghai, China with her husband teaching English to Chinese migrants and professionals and doing volunteer work with victims of human trafficking.
Prior to joining the team, Laura was the recruiting and training manager for a local insurance firm where she also managed social media and marketing campaigns.
She continues her volunteer work in and around Detroit. In her free time, she enjoys spin and yoga classes as well as national and international travel with family and friends.
Laura lives in the Village of Wolverine Lake with her husband Tom and has two grown boys living in Chicago and Hawaii. She is dedicated to the importance of maintaining outstanding customer service, a top priority of Orfin & Associates.

You can reach Laura at the Troy office: 248-918-5100 ext. 112


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